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Drumz of the South was started by photographer Georgina Cook in 2004 as a means to sharing, through images and words, the new electronic music that was being produced in her native South London. With the first ever tagline being, “Music is a journey, life is just something that happens along the way,” Drumz of the South is considered by many to be integral to the growth of Dubstep and other genres that followed.  “Chapters” and posts on the blog include photographs of festivals such as Sonar, time spent living and dancing in Paris, flyers and a black hole.

Drumz of the South today remains as an archive for what was a truly exciting and innovative time for music in London and beyond. For new work by Georgina Cook, much of which is still related to music and culture, visit www.georginacook.net

contact: hello@georginacook.net

With thanks to previous contributors: Charlotte Newcity,  Melissa BradshawDQ