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More Music Photography Gold

“Photographing the UK’s Free Party Raving Crew” on VICE.


Molly Macindoe shot the free party scene in the late 90’s and early 00’s. I love the images – they’re happy. They remind me of why I shoot music events and artists myself…the hope that people will look at them in the future and see a bit of history that may otherwise go unseen.

Special mention to the picture of Streatham Cinema, in 2001. I was well and truly working full time from a newspaper office around the corner at the time, just goes to show how things can pass by you by.


Check Shoes Up Magazine

I have a 3 page article about Footwork  written in both English and French in this issue of Shoes Up, the theme of which is Tradition. Photos by Lisa Gilby and Dave Quam. Still waiting to get to Chicago to take my own!