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Removals: – £ + bartering = ?



As part of REMOVALS, a series of events in which THINGS at the Café at Antenna Studios will be subtracted; on Sunday 11th of March, MONEY will be taken away, with alternative forms of value negotiated.In simple terms, this means that if you would like tea, coffee, or cake, you will need to barter – come prepared with things with which to swap them for!!

Items gained by the cafe at the end of the day will be photographed and / or exhibited at the cafe throughout the following week.

REMOVALS is a design research project by Georgina Cook  ( Drumzofthesouth / Café @ Antenna Studios) which aims to test and expand on ideas related to transition, adaption and “elimination, by design,” as proposed by the Australian theorist and farmer Tony Fry.

Cafe Thing @ Antenna Studios
Bowyers Yard, Haynes Lane
Crystal Palace, London
SE19 3AN

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twitter.com/cafe_thing       cafething.tumblr.com


Mapping The Palace

Here’s one for the psycho-geographers!

In brief: www.mappingthepalace.co.uk  (What? You can take our area but you can never take our memories.)

Mapping The Palace is a participatory project involving current and ex-residents and visitors of the Crystal Palace area in London, initiated by Drumzofthesouth’s Georgina Cook.

The project invites the public to add memories in any form (photography, words, videos, lyrics etc) to a Google map of the area (above) and/or simultaneously to a map on the wall of the Café at Antenna Studios in Crystal Palace.

Submit via: submissions@mappingthepalace.co.uk or http://mappingthepalace.tumblr.com/submit

These will form the basis for a series of new maps of the area. A physical map will eventually be created and anyone who contributes will receive one for free.

Mapping The Palace is a collective portrait of an area which like many parts of London, is changing rapidly.

It attempts to address issues related to this change or gentrification as many people identify it as, something which seems to be an increasing concern and conversation point for many residents of Crystal Palace.

These maps can perhaps be utilised as an alternative guide for visitors, building on the standard information related to the Park’s Dinosaurs, the Antenna, The Great Exhibition and restaurants that are usually found in area guides.

It is hoped that in making alternative maps of the area, there is a greater chance that things which may otherwise be over-looked will be highlighted, preserved and considered by others.

Notable contributions to the map thus far include the prophetic image of the closed down McDonald’s with the words “Opening Soon! Another place to eat or an estate agents,” the image of the musician Burial’s Untrue LP artwork- revealing the location in which it was taken, an image from the now non-existent Fish & Chip shop and George Harris’ collection of images which are themselves part of his own psycho-geographical book project, “Postcards from a floating world.” (www.georgeharrisphoto.co.uk)

For images and further information contact:
Email: info@mappingthepalace.co.uk
Visit: www.mappingthepalace.co.uk