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Café Thingz…

THIS FRIDAY is the 3rd of our very popular Café Sessions, where we offer up a selection of brilliant local LIVE music  for free. Please sign up to café@antennastudios.co.uk  to ensure entry as we were absolutely rammo last time!  Very much looking forward to seeing Cloudier Skies, who’s haunting film noir inspired music has been gracing the café stereo since we discovered them a few weeks back.

It’s followed by the opening reception of Kat Kon’s candy coloured illustrations inspired by the “outsiders” of music, film & popular culture:

The picture in the flyer is inspired by Beatle Mania.

She drew this pic of me a few years back.

“This is Georgina,my old flatmate. She’s a photographer and drinks about 20 cups of tea every day. She likes writing random words on the wall and on posteds.She also loves space,birds and maps and once tried to cut out all the red roads out of a map.”
Events take at The Café Thing @ Antenna Studios, Bowyers Yard, Haynes Lane, Crystal Palace, LONDON, SE19 3AN.

Flyerz Archive

Here’s the archive of flyers from my flickr account. It definitely tells a non-definitive story.

Happy Birthday

Hyperdub. 5 years old.

You absolute geniuses.

Buy 5 years of Hyperdub at Boomkat >>

This Saturday

This Saturday

A momentary leap back into the real world, come and look at some stuff that’s not been online and listen to some nice music in beautiful Crystal Palace


Lost in the Cracks

This is the flyer for Croydon College’s final Fine Art Degree show of which I’m part of.  We wanted to call the show Da Cronx but couldn’t persuade our tutors. We settled for Lost in The Cracks, because Croydon is sometimes lost in the cracks as is our wonderful college amidst the annoying London art colleges that get all the fame (that said, The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding, Loefah and Jamie Reid all went to Croydon College!).

The title is also a reference to some of the work, including that of Annie Rose (who’s image is on the flyer). Rose walks the streets of Thornton Heath at night searching for disused flotsam and jetsom which she either photographs or collects in her shopping trolley. She’s amazing. Hope to see you there.