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Youngunz Tattoo Club

The Youngunz Tattoo Club is the latest endeavour of my favourite musical Parisians, The Youngunz, in which they play their latest beats while their audience gets inked. For anyone unfamiliar with this crew, they’re basically young, energetic and have comic names like Bambounou, French Fries and Alan Gay. They also make a lot of good shit happen in Paris and the rest of France. It was Martelo who initially introduced me to The Youngunz, one of whom Manaré (younger brother of Marvy Da Pimp), I’d unknowingly already shot with a compact camera at Carnival last year.


Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of dancing to their tunes on numerous occasions at Nouveau Casino, Social (aka pose) Club and probably the most memorable, The Green Room at 2010’s Transmusicale du Rennes alongside Decks & The City, a young R Kelly and Sylvester the Cat.

Manaré 2 Melissa Sylvester Il fait old Green French Fries Traffic

They’re also gently infiltrating the UK where among other things, they’ve joined Oneman’s RinseFM show for guest slots. With a sound very much influenced by and in turn, influential to the current UK bass scene, that’s sort of where the Youngunz fit, inbetween and around Oneman, Martelo, BokBok and other globally minded DJs who revel in playing thumping party music. Allez, check them out.

Alan Gay DSC_0241

Here are some cool photos of the Youngunz first tattoo session via the brilliant DOS BUSTER BLOG.



I spent the weekend photographing backstage at Pitchfork Festival, Paris, where amongst other things, I had the pleasure of catching Bon Iver warming up in their dressing room. I had my camera at that moment but didn’t take any photos, because it was something I wanted to enjoy directly. The mental image remains in my head – a smallish room, bathed in the habitual yellow tungsten hues, 8 or so guys, singing with smiles on their faces, and just, in the background, sitting down with a guitar, Justin Vernon, the lead singer (often equated with the title Bon Iver, despite the significant band that back him.).

I’m honestly not sure what they were singing, but it doesn’t matter, it was beautiful and really reminded me of some of the great acoustic jams (ALWAYS my favourite kind of live performance) I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing over the years.

The proceeding concert was immense and full and left little doubt in my mind as to the bands passion for sound and Justin Vernon’s passion for romance and geography and the audience’s passion for him with ” I LOVE YOU BON IVER,” and a marriage proposal being just some of the audience’s heckles.

I feel like a very lucky girl.

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Check Shoes Up Magazine

I have a 3 page article about Footwork  written in both English and French in this issue of Shoes Up, the theme of which is Tradition. Photos by Lisa Gilby and Dave Quam. Still waiting to get to Chicago to take my own!

Couple o’ pics from Paris Social Club

When Ramadanman came to Social Club aka Pose Club.

Things I love about France #1 : Food



The first story goes that I loved food so much when I was a child that I’d clear my plate, then my brother’s then whoever else hadn’t managed all their meal. The second story goes ‘the French know how to eat,” and although I haven’t written about it much, am currently living in France. Okay, I haven’t been able to find a good Indian meal yet (although the above Men[u] looks intriguing) but I’ve found Vietnamese to be a good substitute and now I’m a Bo Bun addict, not just cos of its name. Jeff de Bruges chocolat is calling in the air tonight, oh Lord. Angelina’s hot chocolate makes herself known everytime someone visits from England. Cakes, cheese wine and vegetables that taste like vegetables are happily part of my general diet and – I don’t think it’s too much of an exaggeration to compare my local Alimentation Generale to the Garden of Eden. Not to mention the two unforgettable oyster experiences I’ve had here, the first Chez Newcity in Normandie and the second at a meeting for press at Rennes Transmusicale Festival last winter. There are some perks to the low-paid job of photography, I promise you.

On a similar note, Fricote Magazine (below), is written in both French & English it’s not just the most interesting food magazine I’ve ever come across but one of the best print publications I’ve seen in a while.  Mixing up restaurant reviews with fashion, music and street culture, the latest issue features an interview with Moby about his infamous Veganism. Let’s hope he mentions Marmite, cos that’s something the French do need to know about.