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Love for Lesvos / Hope for Paris.

25% of all print sales towards supporting refugees in Lesvos

My good friend Breezy, (singer and mother), is travelling to the Greek Island of Lesvos this week, to support the thousands of refugees that are there living in terrible conditions. I could not go myself but really want to help also – the photos and stories I’ve been reading in for example, facebook groups like Refugee Child are shocking and very sad. So for this week 25% of all print sales will be donated to Breezy and the group of women who are going there to help. My online store is http://drumzofthesouth.bigcartel.com/ . There are classic prints of Wiley, DMZ, Youngsta and Oneman alongside cityscapes from London and Paris.

Paris is a former home of mine and I am feeling the weight of recent events there but like many I am trying to focus on the beauty that is Paris – among the images for sale is this one of a rainbow next to The Seine – it can be interpreted as representing hope. I like the idea that sales of this and the other prints can go towards helping people in another part of the world. Love is the only way forward. xxx


Hope. Paris. ©GC 2011

Hello Lovely Humans! so it is now a few days until i go to Lesvos and truth be told i’m feeling nervous about what i will see and experience when i am there… but your kindness and the kindness of the other volunteers is giving me strength and hope in humanity! so far I have raised £722.22 which is fantastic and i’m so thankful to those who have donated or sent messages of support! Obviously these horrible attacks that happened over the weekend have prompted more fear and suspicion of refugees but please remember that these attacks are exactly what these men, woman and children are running from in the first place! I believe that Love and compassion is the only way to stop the violence, whereas closing the borders and treating these innocent people like animals will only leave room for more hatred to breed… If you can donate then please do paypal.me/breezylee and if you can’t then show love and compassion wherever you can. The world needs it!

– Breezy.

2014 part 3: My year in Photographs.

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Music House

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Documentaries that I contributed to:

London ‘On a Regular’ from Rollo Jackson on Vimeo.

Coki and Mala (Digital Mystikz) Studio 2004

Trees in the City – Caught by the River


here’s a post called Trees in the City for Caught by the River.

Manaré Photo shoot

Left by infinite- drumzofthesouth.comLeft, a photo by infinite- drumzofthesouth.com on Flickr.


Oiseau 2   Oiseau  Tumble Manaré RnB

Manaré is a Parisian born DJ / Producer who runs riot and runs riots with Young Gunz & Clek Clek Boom
around Paris and beyond. Conversation during our photo-shoot touched upon Notting Hill Carnival (where I’ve bumped into him twice before), his first ever all nighter DJ set that was due to happen at Nouveau Casino the day after, Paris’ desperate need for a good, dark club with a decent sound system and the poetry of layers of three.

Check his music here:

More Photos here:

Soirée HYPERDUB PARTY #1 feat. KODE9 / KING MIDAS SOUND / IKONIKA @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris – 18 Février 2012


Soirée HYPERDUB PARTY #1 feat. KODE9 / KING MIDAS SOUND / IKONIKA @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris – 18 Février 2012.