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Underground Exhibition, by Shaun Bloodworth


Although framing our favourite bass characters in real life locations- streets, parks, housing estates, Shaun Bloodworth’s talent for adding something slightly uncanny or unexpected to his portraits is undoubtedly what makes them so compelling. With this and the distinctive de-saturated colour that he uses to give his images a somewhat cinematic or computer game feel, Shaun can make the average dubstep producer or DJ look like a movie star and is undoubtedly partially to blame for propelling bass music from it’s roots to it’s current position as an international force.  Ironically, the man himself, whilst comparable to the Rankin of Bass music (pointed out here by Mary Anne Hobbs), is one of the most unassuming and nicest chaps you’re ever likely to meet – as his twitter reveals, he gets excited about pies.

Titled Underground, Shaun Bloodworth’s first solo exhibition of some of his infamous portraits and reportage from dancefloors across UK and the U.S plus collaborations with GiveUpArt and HumanStudio opens this evening in his home town Sheffield. Definitely not to be missed.

28th April – 16th May

Bank Street Arts

– Shaunbloodworth.com
– Sensoria

South Yorks
S1 2DS