This blog is dormant…zzzz

For now, please consider Drumzofthesouth as a blog, dormant…Dormant, not dead! There will no longer be posts about new music or music events, but may be the odd update regarding Drumzofthesouth related events, exhibitions and publications. Hopefully you will still find the Drumzofthesouth blog archive useful or entertaining.

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.

And my photo website is . 

There you can view and purchase limited and open edition prints as well as view my latest news and work.

I’m gonna take this chance to thank everyone that ever read a blog post… or checked my Flickr account. Being part of the early Dubstep scene and surrounding genres and having the opportunity to document and contribute to it was very special.

I made lots of friends and contacts that I continue to stay in touch with and have had so many great experiences as a result. Thankfully, I’ll never forget a lot of it because I have so many photos, which is partly why I took them. 🙂

I continue to contribute images to media as I when I get requests – we’re now at a point where Dubstep is firmly part of music history and articles and films are being made about the era. These days, I also get people asking me to talk about and share my experiences to students. Which makes me feel old but also proud.

Here are some great recent features about early Dubstep and that era.

The Vice Oral History of Dubstep

RBMA: Night-clubbing – Dubwar

London ‘On a Regular’ from Rollo Jackson on Vimeo.




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