2004: Intro…

All it takes is a few chance occurences – a group of music lovers living in and near one location and BOOM.

Sometime in 2004, it was advertised that Grooverider was playing at The Black Sheep Bar in Croydon, a little club that I hadn’t been to since myself and some friends were turned away from it 16 years old. Working as a photographer and self-initiated events reviewer for the South London Press newspaper, I went along and met the promoter Kaizen, quickly followed by his merry band of resident DJs – Mek, Skope, Logic, Raid, Louis Krystal and MC Sgt Pokes. Pokes is the only one with his artists name entirely intact ; the others have since become Blue Movies, Andy Skopes, Almighty, Reform and Louis K and continue to make and mix great music. Spending many subsequent years hanging out with these guys and making friends with the rest of the Black Sheep crew circa 2003 plus a large number of LDN’s DnB crew along the way, most of my photos of the Sheep days were shot on film. Until they are scanned, above is just a small selection.

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