I did say in a previous post that Drumz Of The South was dormant, not dead. So here I am in 2021 with some news:

If you’re an avid reader of DJ MAG, you may have come across “The Whole Picture,” a feature in August’s issue about music photographers that have published books.

I was included in the feature because in Autumn this year, I am publishing a book titled *insert fanfare* Drumz of The South: The Dubstep Years 2004-2007.

The book includes a massive selection of photos of my journeys with early Dubstep, namely DMZ, FWD>>, Skull Disco, Hyperdub, Plastician, Burial, Vex’d, Rinse FM and many other events, labels and artists that defined that time. Also, plenty of pictures of wider community and scenes of South London at night.

Many of these photos have appeared here, my Flickr, the original blogspot + various publications and galleries over the years. But there are quite a few in there that have never have been seen before.

There are also a few other non-photo details in the book…but all will be revealed in good time.

The thing is that in order to print and publish Drumz of The South: The Dubstep Years 2004-2007, the design and production of which is self-funded, I need some help. So for 30 days throughout August and September, I will be crowdfunding to print and publish 1000 copies.

The crowdfunder launches on Tuesday August 17th 2021 – please sign up via this link to hear about how you can contribute to getting this book made. Everyone that signs up will get a PERSONALISED email from me – talking about the book production process so far.

I AM OVER THE MOON that this is finally happening, after over 10 years of thinking about and planning it. The book is VERY special.


An Oral History of Plastic People, FACTMAG

Plastic Bar
Skream, Hija, Shona, Chef and others at Plastic People, bar area

7 of my photos of Plastic People, the club that I wrote about here a few weeks back have been published as part of FACTmag‘s Oral History of Plastic People, written by Tom Lea and Nick Wilson (aka Beatnick). Some of the photos had  never really been seen before, like the one above and the one of Skepta and Plastician . The feature tells the story of the club from the mouths of a handful of it’s resident DJ’s, staff and promoters including Erol Alkan (Trash), Seiji (Bugz In The Attic / Co-Op), Alexander Nut (Eglo), Jon Rust, Elijah Butterz and others. It’s pretty extensive and well worth a read. Also included are a couple of photos by Alex Nut, like this bizarre one of soulstress Fatima and a DJ with a cartoon snake wrapped around them. On an aside, congrats to FACTmag.com on their slick new redesign! It’s lovely to see my name in the contributors list, alongside some great people. 🙂

Rollo Jacksons London… On a Regular | Dazed

Rollo Jacksons London… On a Regular | Dazed.

There are a few Drumzofthesouth pics in Rollo Jackson’s documentary about London’s regular nights such as Rotation, FWD>>, Trash, Deviation, Metalheadz. Lots of heads talking about the magic of heading to these clubs (especially magic on weekdays); it’s pure nostalgia.

10 reasons to wish FWD>> a happy 10th birthday | Music | guardian.co.uk

10 reasons to wish FWD>> a happy 10th birthday | Music | guardian.co.uk.

Was very happy to talk to The Guardian about this picture I took at FWD>> in 2005 , when Grime met Dubstep via Skream’s Midnight Request Line. Big up to Kieran Yates for the great article!

Happy 10th Birthday FWD>>

10 years of life-changing music. That’s not an understatement is it? You remember the first time you walked down those steps into the Plastic People basement don’t you? Adrenaline pumped? I was.  Through the curtain into the infinite darkness, nothing but a DJ lit by a red light and an almighty sound-system. I have many good memories of my personal honey-moon with FWD>> many of them Youngsta related and shrouded in smoke. Big up the FWD>> crew. See you Saturday.